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Photo Overload

August 6th, 2011 12:51 pm | by Ed |

It says here that a picture is worth a thousand words. I wonder then, what about ten thousand pictures? That's Annie L's problem. She's got literally thousands of photos that she's taken over the years and a couple of months ago she's inherited a huge collection (several thousand more I beleive) from he cousin.

She has spent the larger part of the last two weeks categorizing them and getting most of them organized into large photo albums and stored away. However there is a large percentage of them that she wants to display, preferably in frames in her home and workplace.

So for the last several weeks she's been driving everybody in town batty trying to find enough picture frames for this rather huge task.

Normally this isn't true but this time I was actually glad that Mr. Helpful came along and got involved. The first thing he did was suggest that she could find more than enough photo frames at Personal Creations, a website that specializes in that sort of thing. She agreed to have a look at the site and then nobody saw or heard from her for three days.

Apparently Personal Creations was just exactly what she needed, especially since she wanted to have each different group of photos in a different style frame. Quite a challenge when you're talking about over three thousand photos! Apparently however Personal Creations is up to the challenge and Annie will soon be able to go back to her freelance photography business and the rest of us can stop hearing about her photo storage problems.

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