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He's In For It Now!

August 15th, 2011 20:57 pm | by Ed |

I have just discovered what may be one of the largest reasons why Mr. Helpful has been spending so much time out of town on his latest "mission".

That is the very-much-wants-to-be Mrs. Helpful.

I think it had to happen sooner or later that he would eventually encounter a woman with the same "helpful" attitude and frankly I have to admit that it's kinda funny seeing him scrambling to duck "help" that he's dead certain that he doesn't need.

and make no mistake about it, she has very much decided that he needs "help" and that the specific "help" that will do him the most good is to marry her.

Oh she didn't come right out and say so, she started dropping little hints. Hints that got bigger over time. I think what finally sent him packing was the day she showed up at his house with a set of diamond engagement rings from Reeds. At that point there was no guessing needed at all. It was excruciatingly clear what her intentions were and he wanted no part of them at all. Thus he packed a bag and hit the road.

I should note that she's a fairly attractive woman and other than the fact that when it comes to "helping" people she's just like him, she's a perfectly normal person. At least as "normal" as people get around here that is.

I can't help wondering who will win this particular battle of wills and what the result will be when it's all over.

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