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Encrypted Torrent Traffic Up

November 11th, 2007 00:56 am | by Ed |

I saw mention on Slashdot that the UK's version of the RIAA is apparently complaining that the use of encrypted torrents is on the rise. Some say that it's strictly because people are trying to hide the fact that they're downloading illegal files. Others argue that it's because people are (FINALLY) starting to become aware of just how much privacy they don't have and are starting to learn the use of encryption to get some of it back.

It doesn't hurt that some of the newer bittorrent programs have options to encrypt the data stream to keep prying eyes out of it. Honestly, I think that the makers of those programs should all put that option in... and then turn it ON by default so that people will be using encrypted file transfers all the time unless they deliberately turn it off.

Now if we can just get more people to use PGP / GPG to sign / encrypt their emails!

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