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Another Travelling Salesman

September 1st, 2011 23:47 pm | by Ed |

I can't help but wonder in this age of online shopping why it is that I keep getting traveling salesmen at my door. Of even more interest is why they typically choose to literally pound on my door at 3:30AM.

I would just chalk it up to one of the many things that goes with living in Nutjob Hills but you see that' the thing. These guys are all from out of town. If they were locals they would know better than to knock on somebody's door at 3:30am just to tell you about their auto floor mats and how really very badly you need a set of these to keep your car's carpeting from being trashed with mud in the rainy season.

Local salesmen know better because they know full well that a lot of locals keep loaded shotguns near their door and they very much dislike 3:30am wake up calls unless it's a genuine emergency.

I suppose that the number of out of town salesmen will start to drop when enough of them never return 'eh?

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