Mr Helpful With A Regular Job?!?

Thus far Mr Helpful has managed to avoid his would be wife and the topic of marriage almost entirely. He’s done this by arranging to be out of town as much as possible and when he is in town he’s holed up in his basement “lab”, with the house and basement locked up tight, working on this or that concoction that he’s dead sure will help someone.

Unfortunately for him he still has to come out once in a while to do things like go to the store, take out the trash Etc. When he does the would be Mrs Helpful frequently manages to be “just passing by” and attempt to get him to agree to marry her.

Because one of his arguments is that he feels he has a calling to help people and this means a lifestyle that simply wouldn’t work with marriage. (not to mention the fact that he just plain doesn’t want to get married.) So lately she’s taken to presenting him with lists of Occupational Health & Safety Technician Jobs and other “helpful” type jobs. She figures that if she can get him to take one of those then he’ll be able to help people but in a structured manner that would not interfere with marriage and a home life.

While such a job might be well suited to him I can’t ever see him taking one because he’s much more of a “man about town” kinda guy that likes to just show up when he thinks you need his particular brand of “help”.

Besides which, He’s what they call “financially independent” (fancy term for “stinking rich”) and honestly doens’nt NEED a traditional job.

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