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RFID Passport Hack Demonstrated By Resurrecting Elvis

October 3rd, 2008 20:30 pm | by Ed |

Government types would have us believe that the new "E Passports" are perfectly secure and that there's no problem with them at all. They spend a lot of time and money trying to make sure that everyone believes this and goes along with it, blindly assuming that the RFID chips in their passports, credit cards and soon driver's licenses is safe and tamper proof.

I suggest that before everybody gets out their pens to sign up for these RFIDs (pronounced "Are Fid"), they'd be well advised to have a look at something that was done by a group called "The Hacker's Choice" which demonstrates (again) that they're not secure at all.

In fact, THC has shown that it doesn't take much at all in terms of free software and just a little bit of knowledge to read the contents of an epassport, alter the information and picture in any manner desired and then write that information to a new chip that will NOT raise any alarms when it's scanned. Instead, the machine verification system considers it to be a valid passport.

They demonstrated this in the video below which shows them putting such modified RFID in a reader and having it accept the identification of Elvis as real. They even put his picture on it.

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