Small Things Can sometimes Cause Big Problems

Ralph was sick again last week. In fact he’s been sick for at least two weeks out of every month since he moved to Nutjob Hills a couple of years ago.

He’s been to every doctor around the local area and at least three back in the big city. In each case they’ve either come up with a different diagnosis or given up because they couldn’t find any reason for his regular illness.

This is just the kind of thing that tends to attract Mr. Helpful’s attention and like the doctors, Mr. Helpful has come up with a variety of theories about what’s been causing Ralph’s problem and has suggested a number of possible cures. Not one of which has worked yet.

Until last week that is.

That’s when he suggested that Ralph should try using a reverse osmosis water filter on his drinking water. He even went so far as to set him up with one at no cost so that he could try it out without spending any money.

So far it seems to be working. Ralph has been feeling better since then than he has in two years. Apparently there is some trace contaminant in the local water that he’s allergic to and this water filter is removing it.

If this continues to work Ralph is definitely set to buy a permanent system to install in his home.

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