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September 18th, 2011 18:23 pm | by Ed |

I've commented several times about how salesmen around here seem to like to pound on my door at 3:30am and it's still an ongoing problem. I've even thought of putting up a sign with a message on the order of "if you knock on this door between midnight and 8am then it damned well better be an emergency or I'll tear your face off" but somehow I don't think it would do any good and some people would get the wrong idea.

Last night there was a new twist on the late night visitor front, though I can't say that it was unexpected. Sooner or later this had to happen. The would-be Mrs Helpful walked into my office this morning at 4:00am. As with Mr. Helpful this happened in spite of no less than three locked doors between the outside of my house and my office. How these people do this I'll never know.

Her big concern was that my office was in her words "so disorganized" that she was surprised I could find anything. She then proceeded to tell me all about this homebrew document management system that involved a stack of post-it's and from what I could tell, about 500 3x5 index cards.

I managed to stop her long enough to show that I have my own system that uses a spreadsheet to keep track of what's where along with the priority of everything I have filed away.

I was pleasantly surprised about one thing. It only took me 35 minutes to convince her that I had work to do and that she should go.

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