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Small Power Isn't Enough Power

September 18th, 2011 18:40 pm | by Ed |

Living in Nutjob Hills can at times be really quite entertaining. There are museums of all kinds that you won't find anywhere else, there are more geniuses and oddballs per square inch here than there is anywhere else on the face of the earth.

One good example is Larry. He's a self proclaimed "mad scientist" (seriously, he actually has "Mad Scientist" on his business cards). For the last several months Larry has been working on ways to produce large amounts of power with very small systems.

Recently I heard that he was on the brink of success with a new system to provide all the power that an electric car would need using only a set of hearing aid batteries to get the system kick started, after which it would generate all the power needed both to operate the car and to keep the power generation going.

If you're thinking "perpetual motion machine", then you're pretty close. The other day at the Nutjob Hills diner I saw him and in spite of knowing better I just had to ask him about his latest invention.

It was an obvious mistake.

He launched into an explanation so full of minute details that I rapidly got lost trying to follow him. Because I had actually asked him about this I felt obligated to stay and listen for a half hour or so before I quietly got my cell phone out under the table and went to the ringtone selection screen and played my ringtone. I then pretended to answer it and told him that I had to go.

Next time I'll think twice or even three times before asking a question like that. After all, having lived here for 15 years now I know better.

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