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Why Vista Is Doomed To Fail

October 10th, 2008 16:48 pm | by Ed |

A good subtitle for this might be something like: "Why Vista developers shouldn't plan Vegas vacations to celebrate just yet". In a nutshell, they don't need to be celebrating anything about Vista except the day that M$ decides to pull it and get on with something real. That's assuming they're willing to admit their mistakes of course. (doesn't look good does it?)

Why is Vista a failure?

There are probably dozens of reasons. What I consider to be the top four of them are listed here.

4. Vista is too bloated

Vista, like many Microsoft products before it has fallen victim of code bloat. It's 50 million lines of code make it one of the biggest (more likely THE single biggest) operating system ever created. As a result it slows down on all but the most recent, fastest, most advanced (and coincidentally more expensive) hardware available. XP, on the other hand, can run on a large spectrum of hardware already in use.

3. Vista's release was premature

Microsoft corporate vice president Mike Sievert once said: "Frankly, the world wasn't 100 percent ready for Windows Vista." To the contrary, Vista simply wasn't ready for the world. It's was released before adequate development had been done on drivers for a lot of hardware. This forced a lot of people to scramble all over the place trying to come up with Vista compatible drivers for hardware that hadn't yet made Microsoft's approved hardware lists.

2. Windows XP owns the market Vista wants

Simply put, XP has managed to become the single most used operating system ever. I've seen estimates that something like 70% or more of PCs today are running XP, with most of the rest of them running some flavor of Linux. Also, since Vista's release, the number of people switching to Linux has been increasing. One good indicator of that is the increase in the number of systems that are now available bundled with Linux instead of Windows.

and the number one reason Vista will fail is:

Incompatibility broke too much

Most existing hardware wasn't the only thing that Vista ignored. It also ignored a lot of software that worked just fine on XP, but because of things like the UAC (which was designed specifically to annoy users), it's made life a lot more difficult for users.

People have been used to a certain way of doing things on XP, Vista, while it's easily more secure, that security was implemented in such a way as to break a lot of established procedures. At the very least this means a fortune in downtime and retraining to work out changes and then make sure that people know them.

Now Windows 7 is on the horizon, supposedly it's going to appear sometime in 2010. The problem is that if Microsoft doesn't learn it's lesson from the nightmare that was Vista, Windows 7 will be the last new OS from Microsoft that anybody wants to try. Microsoft will have become the single biggest reason for people and corporations moving to linux in record numbers.

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