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The Answer To Cigarettes?

September 29th, 2011 13:04 pm | by Ed |

It's no secret that I've been trying to quit smoking for quite a while now and that I've not managed it yet in spite of trying all sorts of things.

While I know that I really should quit, I also know that I don't actually want to. I'm one of those people that enjoy smoking. I find it relaxing and one of the few 'luxury pleasures' that I can sorta afford.

Yeah, I'll get around to quitting someday if only because the things are getting more and more expensive. In the meantime I am giving serious thought to switching to Swisher Sweets instead of cigarettes because 1) I like Swisher Sweets (the originals that is), and 2) there's a considerably lower cost per the amount of smoking enjoyment you can get out of them.

Not only that but there's the FSC thing with cigarettes, I hate what that addition has done to the taste of most brands. I don't believe that the swisher sweets cigars have that same additive in the (though I'll have to check to be sure)

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