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Yeah, She's Still Around

October 13th, 2011 15:50 pm | by Ed |

Somebody asked me the other day "Whatever happened to the would-be Mrs Helpful?" Apparently because they hadn't seen anything new about her recently. Well, she's still around and she is still just as determined to marry Mr. Helpful as ever.

In her latest move she's decided to take more of a long view on her project since Mr Helpful is not exactly being receptive to the idea of getting married (to her or anybody else) and has been as uncooperative and unavailable as he could possibly manage since this fiasco started.

So, our friendly neighborhood bridal wannabe has started house shopping. She's very likely going to be moving into one of the rental homes within a block or so of Mr Helpful's house. Presumeably so that she can have a better chance of catching him at home. And since I know that there's at least one of those houses that has a decent view of his house, I'm betting that's the one that she ends up living in.

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