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Walmart DRM Servers Get Stay Of Execution

October 18th, 2008 21:56 pm | by Ed |

Not long ago Wal-Mart decided to send out an email telling music buying customers that they were going to shut down their DRM servers. This meant that DRM infected music would very likely stop working after that date and the only cure that users had would be to burn their music to CD.

Now, walmart has changed their minds about how they're going to keep their digital-rights-management servers going. They said it was due to "customer feedback"... yeah, right. I'll bet they got some "customer feedback" allright. People screamed bloody murder. It's bad enough that something has to be encumbered with Digital_rights_management in the first place. People stuck with the stuff don't deserve to have the stuff they paid for in full ripped out from under them because walmarts brain trust decides not to keep the servers going anymore.

I'm glad to see that Wally World is moving to drm-free music, however they've got an obligation to the people that spent millions on the stuff loaded with drm. It's about time that companies started to realize that drm costs them too. Customers have all kinds of problems because their music and movies are burdened with drm, the people selling it that way have to keep the servers going that allow that music to work or their going to have to face a really large angry mob of former customers.

Something to note here is that WalMart people havent' said how long they're going to keep the drm servers going. The best advice is still to back your music up on cd-rom. Then you won't get burned when the servers finally are turned off for good. You'll also have the option of ripping those cd's to move the music to whatever format suits you best.

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