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Freddie's Vacation

October 29th, 2011 12:08 pm | by Ed |

So here I am, busily, desperately, trying to earn some desperately needed cash when I have to stop what I'm doing and come to the rescue. again. This time it's Freddie V. He's actually on vacation (must be nice, I have *NEVER* gotten to take a vacation!), touring his way slowly around North Carolina.

Then this morning at 5:27 am I got the call that makes me want to strangle Freddie.

You see he's normally an ok guy. good businessman (a bit tight with the money when it comes to anybody but himself), but he has one big problem. He's a klutz. A super klutz.

I wouldn't care about the klutz thing except for one thing. You see a while back I helped him arrange for something he "klutzed up" (his term) to be fixed and now whenever he "klutzes something up" , he calls me to arrange a fix.

So there I was in the hideous hours of the morning looking for the best carpet cleaners holly springs nc has to offer because Mr. "I can't hold onto anything wihtout spilling it" has some how managed to spill not one, but thirty seven bottles of imported beer on the carpet of his motel room.

I'll give him props for wanting to fix it instead of leaving it for the motel staff to discover after he leaves but really. Does he HAVE to call me at 5:27am?!?!?

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