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Telco Suit Agiast City Network Gets Tossed

October 18th, 2008 22:51 pm | by Ed |

You may recall the story of the city of Monticello, Minnesota being sued by the Bridgewater Telephone Company because the city had the outlook to see that they needed a fiber optics network and since the boys in the telco's offices didn't seem to think the city needed it, they decided to build their own instead of waiting for the telco to finish picking out office furniture or whatever else it was doing instead of providing the needed services to the city.

From what I've read on slashdot about it, I'm pretty sure that telco people all over should be forgetting about their furniture issues and get to the desks where the actual work is done, dust 'em off and start concentrating on providing their customers with the services that they want. If they did this, there wouldn't be situations like this.

If you think about it, I'm pretty sure that the city of Moticello, Minnesota would rather have spent their time and money on any number of other things and had the network situation not been what it was, maybe they wouldn't have had to and the telco wouldn't have gotten their ears boxed by the court.

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