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Full-Length TV Coming To YouTube?

October 21st, 2008 20:41 pm | by Ed |

I read recently that YouTube (and their Google puppet-masters) are working on a deal to bring full length television shows to the screens of YouTube viewers everywhere. I have to admit that there's a certain advantage to using the computer to watch ... no HDMI wall plate to install, a few less cables to deal with, Etc.

The thing is however that when I sit down to watch a movie I really prefer it to be on a television with at least a 27 inch screen and *I* haven't seen anything approaching a typical computer with a monitor that big. I also very much prefer the idea of owning the copy that I'm watching, if only because the phone will almost inevitably ring or I'll have something else come up and have to stop watching.

When the thing being watched is a DVD or VHS, I can stop it and later pick up where I left off once things have calmed down enough. Watching online I suppose I could hit 'pause' and hope that it didn't lose the connection but we all know full well that internet connections in general and streaming video in particular isn't going to persist a connection that long in 'pause' mode. This means having to re-start from scratch and *try* to watch the whole thing again.

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