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Electronic Arts CEO Is Dead Wrong About DRM

October 24th, 2008 20:16 pm | by Ed |

EA’s CEO John Riccitiello spoke recently at the Dow Jones/Nielsen Media and Money Conference and claimed that 99.8% of gamers don't care about DRM. Judging from the growing dissatisfaction with any form of DRM on the part of a heck of a lot of people of the the last few years, I'd say that he's seriously wrong.

You could even say that anyone making a statement like that in the growing anti-DRM atmosphere could well be an indication that the speaker in question is in need of some crainial fat burners. (in plain English, the technical term to describe such a person would be "fathead")

A while back there was Sony's rootkit based DRM that got a lot of people seriously P.O.'d and cost them a whole bunch of customers. EA itself has been taken a lot of flack over the DRM system that they've put in their "Spore" game that limits how many times you can activate the program before you have to call EA.

In fact, EA's latest DRM trick is going even farther. Their latest version of SecuRom, installs a Windows service that shuts down emulation software in an effort to prevent people from using programs such as Nero or Alcohol 120% to make copies of their stuff.

In fact, EA's use of this DRM system in Spore has them being hauled into court because of it. Therefore anybody saying that "99.8%" of gamers don't care about DRM is clearly a fathead.

Besides, there's also the idea that this guy is trotting out a number with nothing to back it up. EA is a game software company that uses DRM, Obviously they're going to do their best to paint the practice as being just Jim-Dandy-Ok by most users. Even though it clearly is NOT ok and there's more users complaining about DRM all the time.

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