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Chili Addiction Gone Bad

November 18th, 2011 18:13 pm | by Ed |

Ralph C. is a mostly ordinary kind of guy. He drives a bus six days a week and on his day off he watches whatever "big game" is on tv and takes it easy. The one thing that makes him a tad different is his addiction to chili. He loves the stuff entirely too much.

You can tell by the way he reacts when tasting a particularly good chili for the first time. His expression goes kind of slack, his eyes roll back and then close and you can hear him say "mmmmm how sweet it is!"

He is so much into chili that he recently took a vacation with his buddy Ed N. and went to a chili contest in Texas. They ate so much of so many different chili recipes that Ralph actually manage to gain 35 pounds. A bigger problem than that is the fact that his health suffered badly.

He ended up being referred to another doctor that was reportedly the source of the best nutritional counseling austin has to offer. You see, somehow Ralph managed to get himself into a bad state of malnutrition. I'm not at all sure how he did this because while chili may not be the best nutritional choice out there, it DOES pretty much have everything you need in it. Certainly enough to keep you from malnutrition problems

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