Thinking Of Dropping My Landline

Lately I’ve been giving serious thought to dropping my landline in favor of going cellular only as part of my efforts to reduce my bills to the point where I can actually pay all of them.

In all honesty I hardly ever use the voice phone. If it weren’t for the fact that my Internet service is part of my phone package I’d have dropped it three years ago.

Now that I have this free cellphone with a monthly allotment of free airtime minutes I am reconsidering the idea. My cellphone works good, I have never had any dropped calls on it in spite of living in a very rural area and recently I found out that the local phone company is now offering internet only packages.

That internet only package is about 50 a month where my current landline phone bill package is nearly 120 a month. so there’s a lot of savings to be had and very likely I’m going to make the switch next January.

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