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Another Rumor

December 20th, 2011 21:00 pm | by Ed |

More rumors continue to develop in the case of Bob's disappearance. People have claimed to see him all over the country. In fact, "Bob sightings" are becoming almost as numerous as "Elvis sightings" were ten years ago.

According to various accounts he's been seen working in a restaurant in a truck stop in Arizona, fixing flat tires at a gas station in Seattle, performing in a circus in Sarasota, Providing roadside rv travel emergency assistance to motorists who breakdown on the highway in Texas and one rumor even had him performing the lead role in an off Broadway revival of "Cats".

Needless to say none of these are true and most of them are in fact impossible because of his size. Yet the rumors and sightings continue to happen.

I'm beginning to think that even once he's been found there will continue to be more rumor and sightings.

The "Elvis Effect" has latched on to him but good.

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