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Minecraft -110- Chasing All Over Getting Stuff

January 1st, 2012 20:10 pm | by Ed |

Im travelling all over the world getting stuff I'm going to need not only for making the enchantment table room within the ice castle but to fulfil my long term plan for finding strongholds and maybe even NPC villages

Components of the plan include:

Build a large netherbase suitable for a long term stay with plenty of storage

Bring in all materials & supplies that will be needed and store them there.
Starting from that base, explore the nether and find blaze mobs for blaze rods

Get as many blaze rods as possible. Perhaps even find a blaze spawner and turn it
into a blaze rod factory

Build a hostile mob system at the ocean outpost. It will have two main purposes;

1. harvesting ender pearls
2. have an option to direct mobs to me so that I can gain loads of exp from them
becauce using the enchantment table costs experience levels

Use ender pearls and blaze powder to make as many eye of ender as possible

Use eye of ender to find stronghold

Also I'll be filling in the maps to see if that helps finding an NPC village.

As you can imagine, getting all of this done is going to probably take quite a while but that's ok. It's good to have long term goals because it gives direction instead of just aimless floundering.

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