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The Silliest yet

January 4th, 2012 22:34 pm | by Ed |

There's another rumor floating around about what Bob may or may not be doing and the reason for his odd disappearance.

The thing is, this is without doubt, probably the silliest rumor yet. I heard today via the Nutjob Hills grapevine that one of the more popular rumors lately is that Bob has moved to Seattle and is interviewing for several possible Chiropractor Jobs. Of course, anybody that's actually seen Bob in person would know thats not even possible.

You see while he looks like a full sized person in a gerbil suit on video, in reality he's only a bit over three inches tall and the only way he could be a chiropractor is if his patients were all gerbils (or smaller critters). For him to do that job on human patients is patently impossible.

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