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Halo Meets Exercise Bike

November 10th, 2008 23:33 pm | by Ed |

It's a long established fact that, in spite of whatever "fitness revolution" is going on, most people simply don't like to exercise. Why? Partly because it involves a lot of physical effort that few of us are really all that interested in and partly because, to be blunt, it's boring.

Pedal, sweat, run, sweat, lift, sweat, press, sweat, shower, go home, sit aching all night. It's not entertaining. Now, take the standard exercise machines and apply gaming computers to them and now you've got something. Crank up an elliptical or a treadmill with your favorite first person shooter and now you can put yourself into the game, feeling the pulse pounding strain as your character runs like crazy all over the map blasting away before he get's blasted.

According to an item on, that sort of this is just exactly what you can expect to see in gyms all across the country. This kind of "activity inspired exercise" is coming straight from the big hit that the Wii has been making all over the place. After all, one of the reasons that people love that thing with the really annoying name I'll not repeat again today is the fact that playing games on it means being physically active and getting into better shape as you play.

The exercise machines with games built onto them take this to the next step and have the added bonus of getting rid of that annoying name.

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