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A Message From Bob

January 17th, 2012 20:15 pm | by Ed |

In the last couple of months not only have I gotten countless reports of "Bob sightings", I have also gotten a similar number of reports claiming to know for certain that he is doing this or that.

Not one of them has been real.

The only real clue that I've found so far is finding a working communicator recently and hearing Bob's voice through it before the signal was cut off. Now I've gotten a second real clue. This came in the form of a 32gb ipod touch that was delivered by courier. As soon as I started it up I knew it was from Bob. It was loaded with about 2gb of pictures of Bob's favorites from the "Babes of Star Trek gone wild" collection and one sound file.

It was 30 gigabytes of raw, almost non-stop, flatulence.

The biggest, longest, wettest fart in history.

That could only come from Bob.

Too bad he couldn't just send a note.

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