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UK Government Computer Shutdown Because Of Lost Memory Stick

November 12th, 2008 18:24 pm | by Ed |

Here's one for you that shows how important it is to keep close track of those packages of computer memory known as flash drives.

Somebody got careless with a flashdrive that contained passwords to the online government gateway system that handles everything from tax returns to parking tickets, the whole system had to be shut down.

It does bring to mind some obvious questions. Like what is anyone doing carrying something like that around with them? I can see if *maybe* they had the proper authority to have copies of that data somewhere as a backup measure but there's just no way that it should have gone anywhere but directly to a secure location. No passing "Go" or collecting $200 permitted until that's done and important data like passcodes is secure.

I expect that some jobs will be lost and maybe somebody prosecuted.

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