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Uniform Redux

January 21st, 2012 19:35 pm | by Ed |

I think it was last year around this time that Mr. Helpful managed to get involved in designing new uniforms for the nurses at a local hospital. He did this at several hospitals in the tri-state area and eventually moved on to something else that, to him, represented a more important need for "help"

Well it looks like his reputation has managed to stick with him because now the directors for no less than three hospitals are after him to once again work his magic and come up with nursing uniforms that not only look good but that are also comfortable to wear and easy to clean and take care of.

From what I've heard it looks like he's going to do it. Starting with the facilities that are farthest away from here so that he can escape the would be Mrs Helpful that *still* is trying to convince him to marry her.

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