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Tired Of Emails? You're Not Alone

November 16th, 2008 12:06 pm | by Ed |

How often do you get emails from saying that x number of people (former classmates to be specific) have been trying to get in touch with you and that all you need to do in order to find out who they are is pay for a membership at so that you can use their site to identify these people from your past who are trying to reach you?

My wife's gotten bunches of them for years. I get similar emails from almost every day. This isn't just spamvertising various legitimate and otherwise retail franchises, they're after one thing. The want you to sign up for a long term, automatically renewed membership in their site.

Well, she tried that out for a while and decided to set the renewal to "manual" so that she wouldn't get automatically charged when her membership ran out, having decided to go back to the 'free' level of membership. Weren't we surprised to find out that in spite of having that set to manual, that she was automatically charge anyway.

Now come to find out, we're a long way from being alone in this, seems that has been a royal PITA for over a decade and that they're notorious for stuff like this. So I'll join the writer at PC World and say that I too hope that (and for that matter) get sued into oblivion..

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