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For The Sake of Misguided Fans

January 31st, 2012 22:37 pm | by Ed |

Ok, this whole "Bob is missing" thing has gone on entirely long enough. Too long in fact and it's high time that he surfaces and returns to where he belongs. Not only that but when he gets here he needs to make a statement to try to reign in his fans. Some of them are getting hurt.

A recent example is a good followup on the recent reports that Bob has taken on some kind of "super hero" guise and, with the aid of a high tech suit of cybernetic armor, is fighting crime Iron Man style.

I've received reports that no less than seven people in five cities have been trying to emulate his alleged super hero actions. Two of them have received moderate to severe injuries from beatings by criminals they've tried to apprehend and a third is now a patient at the laser spine institute because of injuries sustained when his home made armor failed at a critical moment.

Bob, if you're reading this it's time to come out of hiding or wherever you are and stand up to discourage people from doing things like this. You've let this go on too long as it is.

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