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Toyota Apparently Doesn't Want Free Advertising

November 22nd, 2008 00:30 am | by Ed |

Over the years Toyota has become a pretty big player in the automotive world. However there is now solid evidence that they have finally grown so much that they're just too big for their britches.

Desktop Nexus, a popular desktop wallpaper site, has been hit by Toyota's willingness to abuse the DMCA (not that DMCA is worth anything, but site owners can't help that.)

They (Toyota) sent Desktop Nexus a blanket request demanding that all wallpapers uploaded by members that featured a Toyota, Lexus or Scion be removed immediately. As a (thin) justification for this insane demand, the brain trust at Toyota cited copyright violation. Never mind whether Toyota actually holds copyright for any of the images created and uploaded by members.

The owner of Desktop Nexus asked Toyota to specify exactly which images were copyrighted by Toyota, the idiots said that in order for them to get specific (and thus file a proper DMCA Takedown notice), that they would invoice Desktop Nexus for their labor involved.

Ok, hold the phone a minute! The big bad (foriegn!) company is going to come along and order a website to take down everything that shows one of their cars and then when asked to show which images they own, they're going to make the site pay?!?!?

There's something genuinely wrong about that and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Users on Desktop Nexus have been expressing their opinions of Toyota and it's tactics in their own unique manner. One of my favorites is this desktop wallpaper entitled "Toyota Compilation" that I think does a good job of predicting the future of the Toyota corporation if they continue with stupid business practices like this that annoy the heck out of large numbers of people.

Maybe if Toyota doesn't want free advertising, we citizens of the net should help them out and never again link to anything Toyota in a positive light. Then when they wonder what happened, we can tell 'em we gave 'em what they wanted.

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