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Why I Don't Stream Minecraft

February 25th, 2012 22:02 pm | by Ed |

I've been asked several times why I don't get on twitch tv or some other streaming site and do live stream video of Minecraft.

The short version of the answer is "not enough horsepower".

In spite of what a few have said it's NOT that I have anything against the idea at all. In fact I'd love to spend a few hours on the weekend streaming, maybe even more often than that.

However unfortunately my computer just isn't up to the job. It's not fast enough, doesn't have enough memory and is limited to the integrated intel POS graphics chipset it comes with. And since I'm not able to shell out for an equipment lease (or outright purchase) of a desktop gaming system that is up to doing stuff like that, I'm going to have to wait until I can finally put together a good desktop gaming computer and I'm sorry to say, that's probably going to take the better part of a year or more at the rate things are going now.

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