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Bob? A Parent? Say It Ain't So

February 25th, 2012 23:38 pm | by Ed |

Does the concept of Bob raising children sound as absolutely wrong to you as it does to me? That's the latest rumor slash alleged clue about why he's disappeared.

Can you imagine the things he'd teach a kid? Like womanizing 101? greed? and an unnatural attraction to any female (of ANY species!) that is in any way associated with Star Trek?

The mind boggles it truly does. Besides, I can just picture bob pushing a baby jogger city mini gt double stroller. (even if he only had one kid he's want the double just to get people to ask him where the other one was).

He'd see it as an opportunity. Another way to manipulate people, particularly women, into giving him what he wants. (trust me, you don't want to know)

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