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Windows Declines Again In Favor of Linux

November 24th, 2008 17:30 pm | by Ed |

Yesterday I announced that I had had enough of Windows and the fact that in my effort to re-install a seriously hosed copy, it managed to nuke the partition table on my 250GB hard drive, taking all of the contents with it.

I had an install of Debian a couple years back but ended up moving back to Windoze because at the time, there was still software that I needd to run that couldn't be made to function in Linux. However things have sure changed. For one thing, Linux now supports a wider range of video cards, motherboards and other hardware. There's also much better support for running Windows apps natively in Linux thanks to Wine. Those things that can't be made to work in Wine can be dealt with in a virtual machine.

So, It's time for Wine, VM's to handle Windoze apps and Ubuntu Linux for everything else. The only Windows install this machine will ever see again is in a VM.

Ubuntu 8.1 is an almost painfully easy (if that makes any sense, it does to me.) to install and the Synaptic package manager makes it very easy to locate and install a great many software packages automatically. For those that Synaptic doesn't recognize, it's not a whole lot more involved to compile software from source and install it from the command line.

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