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Antimatter Research Should Be Restricted To Off-Planet Labs

November 30th, 2008 17:42 pm | by Ed |

I just read a news release from Lawrance Livermore Labs about how they're all exited about being able to create "billions" of Anti-Matter particles in a laboratory environment.

In terms of anti-matter research and moving our understanding of physics and the universe forward, this is pretty cool. In terms of how much sense it makes, it's one of the dumber things anyone's ever done.

I know, hordes of people are going to say, it's only a few billion positrons, they're no threat to anything. They may even be right. However the point is that because of the nature of the stuff, it only makes sense that experimentation that involves the production of actual anti-matter or even just anti-particles should be conducted far away from planets that people live on.

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