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Home Security Is More Than A Firewall

November 30th, 2008 23:14 pm | by Ed |

When people see or hear the word "Security" these days most immediately bring to mind some of the international issues involving terrorism or something like the need to keep an anti virus program and Firewall utility on your home computer or using encryption to keep your email private. However, security also involves all of our homes in another way. Specifically, we want to be able to feel safe and secure at home.

The subject of home security is one that is more than just having an alarm go off if somebody tries to break into your house, it also involves the normal day to day safety of people living in the home. One of the things that's getting to be a really big issue is the safety and security of older people.

ADT Home Security SystemsObviously, I'm not just talking about break-ins, fires or some natural disasters here. I'm talking about the fact that as the percentage of older people continues to rise, so will the level of concern for their safety from hazards restricted entirely to the interior of their homes.

Take for example the simple risk of falling, children and young people don't usually think much of falls. They fall, they get up and go on. However as people get older falling becomes a lot more of an issue, one that isn't so easy to shrug off, broken bones and worse are a lot more likely with older people and if an older person lives alone, that adds the risk that they could lay their in pain and unable to get to a phone and call for help.

That's why services like ADT Companion Service are as popular as they are and are in fact becoming more popular all the time. It's real simple. This service allows people to rest easy, knowing that their older loved ones are using such a service.

It means that in the event something should happen, all they need to do is press the button on a waterproof pendant or wristband and they're connected to ADT's monitoring service who can call for whatever help is needed.

The system also monitors the temperatures and will send an alert if the temp in the home falls to an unsafe level. This is a really important feature, every year there are horror stories in the news about people who have died because, for whatever reason, it just plain got too cold in their homes.

Another good thing is that AARP members get 50% off of installation and a $2.00 monthly discount on the monitoring service, something that has even more value given the state the economy has been allowed to fall into.

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