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Club Bob?

March 22nd, 2012 22:29 pm | by Ed |

I've managed to fall behind on posting my Minecraft videos here in the last week or so first because of some health issues and then because of how busy I've been trying to get caught up on stuff since I started feeling better.

Then of course there's the seemingly never ending stream of rumors, "clues" and "hot insider tips" about where Bob is and what he's been up to since he disappeared.

I have to say that these things seem to be getting farther and farther out into left field all the time. The latest one is that apparently Bob has decided to invest all of his "vast resources" (in actual fact that's about $1.89) in building a new resort. You know the kind, a place where everybody sits around in outdoor lounges watching the world go by and paying a hefty fee for the privilege of doing so at the resort as opposed to simply staying home and relaxing for real.

And trust me, that's one of the milder things that I've heard recently. There's some that involved the girls from "Babes of Star Trek Gone Wild" that would positively make your hair curl.

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