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Bob The Hoarder

March 28th, 2012 10:07 am | by Ed |

I've recently heard yet another rumor about what Bob is supposedly up to lately and what's really unusual is that I can actually picture this one because it really does sound very much like Bob.

The gist of this is that Bob has become not only a dedicated recluse but that he's also hoarding all kinds of things. Apparently he managed to get a LOT of free shipping codes and has been taking full advantage of the savings to stock up on, well, everything. Of course the very first thing he bought was a full special edition set of "Babes of Star Trek Gone Wild".

That's the first part of why I think that there is at least a reasonable possibility that this rumor could maybe be true. Beyond that, he's also stocked a six month supply of Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese. Not just any kind of cheese mind you, but the really good aged sharp Wisconsin stuff.

There's more of course but you get the point. This rumor is claiming quite a number of things that sound very much like stuff that Bob would do. I understand that he even ordered a case lot of 144 dozen toothbrushes. Why he would need that many only he knows but the purchase itself is pure Bob.

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