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FCC Considering Free Internet For USA

December 11th, 2008 01:08 am | by Ed |

Once again I've gotten behind on my Slashdot reading (that does tend to keep happening doesn't it?

Anyway, in getting caught up I ran across an interesting bit that came from the Wall Street Journal. Apparently the FCC is
thinking about doing something right for once.

The article says that they are considering a plan to provide free wireless internet across the country. It also says that the plan would involve some level of filtering and while that won't sit well with the younger folks, adults would probably (?!?) be allowed to opt out of the filtering. While I think that filtering the Internet is about as useful as putting a truckload of air o swiss humidifiers in the same tightly sealed room with an equal number of DE-humidifiers because determined people will find a way around the filters, I do have to admit that I like the idea of nationwide free wi-fi.

The trick is finding a way to make such a system work. Several cities have tried municipal wi-fi with little to no success because of the cost in maintaining it and paying for bandwidth.

I guess time will tell.

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