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New Neighbors

April 22nd, 2012 15:21 pm | by Ed |

It's looking like I might be in for some new neighbors.

On one side of my house is a family of four that moved in a few months ago. They're mostly quiet except when working on vehicles, watching football or screaming at their two kids. Not exactly wonderful but I've had worse neighbors by far.

On the other side is a house that's been empty for well over five years. I've enjoyed that time, the people who lived there before were among the loudest, strangest people I've ever seen. They moved out by throwing everything in the house out through one of the bedroom windows.

This morning somebody was there mowing the lawn for the first time in three years without the city first issuing a ticket and threatening to fine them an obscene amount of money for leaving it go so long.

Along with the guy doing the mowing there was a truck from smith equipment unloading some large boxes and storing them in the garage. I can't help but wonder why anybody would need stuff like that in a residential area. Then of course I remember Jakob around the block. He's building a rocket engine in his back yard. Says he'll be able to get to the moon with it when he's done.

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