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Worse Than Kids, They're Musicians

April 22nd, 2012 15:53 pm | by Ed |

I just got news from Samantha Stevens down the street. She's been watching the goings on at the previously empty house between her house and mind.

She just called to say that kids might not be a problem after all because she hasn't seen them move any kids stuff in yet. She did however see them unload not one but four Palatino Bass guitars, several saxophones and (please let this be wrong!) a set of drums.

I like music (instrumental that is, can't understand the crap that passes for lyrics these days, especially since they don't sing 'em anymore, they scream 'em.) But what I don't need is a bunch of teens gathering to all hours of the night screaming their alleged "music".

I mean seriously, it's hard enough to concentrate with all of the assorted interruptions I'm constantly plagued with, I don't need this go with it.


Just got off the phone with Sam again, she says that they've got kids after all. Apparently a whole carload of them just drove up. I can only hope that they've just got one and ten of his or her friends are showing up to see the new house.

Time to invest in some ear plugs just in case.

Maybe I should put a sign in my front yard, "Danger: Crotchety old fart lives here, eats stray kids for breakfast"

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