Trimming The Fat

Once again I find myself trimming the fat. After several months with the Visu polls market research thing in my sidebar, I checked today to find that it’s earned me a whopping $0.05 grand total for all that time. Now, to be honest, I never expected it to earn me enough to get one of those fancy Manolo Blahnik watches or anything, but I did expect it to do a whole heck of a lot better than five cents in nearly three months.

Another change is that I’ve cut the number of posts that show on any one page to five instead of ten. The idea here is to speed up the page load time. With my current situation being what it is, anything that either lowers the performance of the blog or doesn’t have a considerably better income potential than five cents in three months will be removed.

Sometime soon, when I come up with a pricing structure, I’ll be adding a block of 8 125×125 button style banners to the sidebar where up to 16 banners will be rotated randomly. You can also expect to see “Boo Box” widgets to appear between posts as well.

Another project I’d like to get off the ground is the idea I had a while back of doing video website reviews. The difference is that now, in addition to doing them simply because I think it’s a good idea, they will also be available for a fee. Said reviews to include a minute or more of video review from screen captures and 200 words or more of text with a link to the site. *NOTE* Any reviews, sponsored or not, will be just that. Reviews will include both the pros and cons if any about the site / product / service in question.

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