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The Rich Can Be Weird

May 8th, 2012 21:35 pm | by Ed |

A guy on the next block has proven my opinion that the rich are kinda weird most of the time.

In this case he had a set of hot tubs installed in his over sized backyard (it's about half the size of a football field). He couldn't just be like everybody else and put in one hot tub. I mean seriously, there's never anybody there but him, his wife and one or two of their kids.

Never being one to let common sense stop him, he went ahead and put in four complete hot tub setups. Now his wife is all over town looking in every shop around for miles to come up with the perfect material and pattern for a matching set of themed spa covers. They can't be just plain old ordinary spa covers. No. They have to be themed and look just so. I personally don't get the point. I mean when the covers are on nobody's going to pay attention to them and when there are people using the hot tubs the covers aren't going to be on.

At least I wouldn't expect them to be on. Though it's also true that in Nutjob Hills you never know what people will do.

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