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My Latest Mistake

May 12th, 2012 22:19 pm | by Ed |

I made a big mistake yesterday. I said the words "I need a vacation" where Mr. Helpful could hear me. I know better than to do things like that. In the past it's caused me no end of aggravation and delays in getting work done. Yet I did it anyway. In my defense I have to say that I didn't see him come in and sit down in the booth behind me at the Nutjob Hills diner.

Anyway, the words came out and within ten minutes I'm trying to enjoy the apple pie I'd ordered for desert while Mr. Helpful is explaining that I can easily rent one of his families Outer Banks homes for a decent price and be able to just get away from it all. (Including You? I tried really hard to not ask out loud.)

I had to explain to him that the work I do needs me to be at my office where everything I need is. While it is mostly online work I still can't just pick it up and go and there's no way I can just put it off until later. I've got deadlines that I've agreed to meet and they're not just gonna sit and wait while I get away from it all and unwind. Regardless of how much I need to.

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