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Cigar Man

May 17th, 2012 21:37 pm | by Ed |

Anybody who's ever been a long time (as in twenty years or more) smoker can tell you that when you've had the habit for that long it's really difficult to break.

James had such a problem. He's been smoking since he was sixteen and that was thirty five years ago. His doctor, his wife and a number of his family and friends had been after him to quit for a long time.

Many of them thought that it should be as simple as "just stop doing it". They don't understand how addictive the things are and just how very hard it can be for a lifelong smoker like that to quit.

For a long time James tried every so-called stop smoking trick and system there is. None of them worked for more than a few days. Then he hit on an idea. He switched from cigarettes to Swisher Sweets. I know that sounds counter productive but think about it. They're stronger than cigarettes and James didn't feel the need to smoke as often.

Getting used to smoking less frequently helped him a lot. Not only that but he wasn't spending as much money on them. After a week, he stepped back how often he had the little cigars. The next week he stepped it back again. When he got to the point where he only had one cigar a week, he quit.

He's been a non-smoker ever since.

This may or may not work for you, your mileage may vary but it worked for James

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