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The Mystery That Is Bob

June 12th, 2012 17:25 pm | by Ed |

Bob is not only the center of a mystery concerning his disappearance and current whereabouts. He is also something of a mystery himself.

He entered my life with the first episode of "Points of View", a youtube show that I had created for expressing opinions and my own point of view on whatever subject I felt like taking on at the time.

The show grew slowly and in fits and starts. It didn't take long to determine that Bob was actually the best host for the show and so, with the beginning of the second season, He became the primary host as well as writer / director responsible for deciding on content.

It seemed a perfect solution. Bob is nothing if not opinionated. He's got something to say about nearly anything from making fun of punks running around in army clothing because they've never served a day in their lives to taking great pleasure in pointing out corporate and governmental stupidities.

Then he disappeared. Theres been very few actual legitimate clues since then but I am still hopeful that he will eventually return and once again take up his place as the host of Points of View.

I've even been halfway tempted to allow Epicman to go looking for him. After all, he did eventually find Sir Gorf, why not Bob?

Of course, Epicman is an entirely different bag of worms. One that I am loathe to open without VERY good reason and URGENT need.

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