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Probable Bob Sighting

June 16th, 2012 15:48 pm | by Ed |

Normally I don't give a lot of credence to the ever streaming flood of "Bob sightings" that I hear or read about because they're usually even less believable than the "Elvis sightings" of the late 1970's. However I think that this one is at least a reasonable possibility.

The reason I think it's actually possible is that it features one of Bob's signature vices, Excess. Extreme excess.

The anonymous source of this rumor reports that Bob was recently seen in a Montana motorcycle shop that specializes in high performance competition grade parts and accessories. Apparently he was there to take delivery of no less than 72 sets of Pilot Road 3 motorcycle tires. The anonymous informant (why are they always anonymous?) reports that Bob arrived in a fairly large truck and paid in cash for the tires which were then loaded onto the truck by laborers that he brought with him.

As I said, the excess involved here is definitely something Bob is well known for. The only unanswered question here is why does Bob need any amount of motorcycle tires? It can't possibly be because he's taken up the sport. He's just physically too small to even get ON a motorcycle without a ladder, never mind actually drive one.

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