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Mr. Bond, Your Car Is Ready

January 16th, 2009 16:31 pm | by Ed |

While it sounds like something out of M's lab in almost any James Bond movie, there's a company in Woburn, Massachusetts just outside of Boston by the name of Terrafugia that is working on an actual flying car.

This rather squat looking two seat aircraft qualifies as a Light Sport Aircraft, only requiring a sport pilot's license to fly. It cruises at a shade over 100mph. Instead of more expensive aviation fuel, it burns standard unleaded gasoline. When the flight is over and it's time to switch to "road mode", the pilot unlocks the flight stick and folds it out of the way and then pulls a lever.

That lever does two things. 1, it disengages the propeller from the engine and transfers power to the transmission. 2, It activates electric motors that fold the wings in two places until they're finally locked in a vertical storage position. At this point he's free to drive off over normal roads.

It's even small enough to fit in a standard garage!

I took the time to look around on YouTube and sure enough, I found video of it. This clip shows it landing, folding it's wings and driving into a garage.

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  1. Tilly on 17.01.2009 at 01:24 (Reply)

    I want one ! How much do they cost?

    Tillys last blog post..Convenient

    1. Ed on 17.01.2009 at 22:06 (Reply)

      ARGH! I forgot to mention that part didn’t I.

      According to their website, these flying cars are going to hit your wallet for a cool $200,000 give or take a few grand.

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