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The Next Over-Hyped Fear: A "space Katrina" Radiation Storm

January 16th, 2009 16:16 pm | by Ed |

I guess it had to happen sooner or later. An article in The Register is now doing it's level best to make sure that people are now worried about the possibility of a solar radiation storm severe enough for them to call it a "Space Katrina".

The article starts right out in the first paragraph saying that "Top space brainboxes" (A term I would expect only from a National Enquirer type story and which seriously devalues the rest of the article.) are now saying that even if we were to survive all the other things people are dribbling in fear about (global warming, nuclear war, Obama being elected president), we still need to be worried about a "serious risk of civilization being brought crashing to its knees by a sudden high-intensity solar radiation storm."

Basically, the idea is that in the event of such a Katrina level radiation storm, we would be in massive danger of losing the ability to use technology on a massive scale. Starting with the failure of the power grid and including everything from GPS satellites failing to your computer, car and even talking watches would stop working.

I can't help thinking that they've GOT to have stories that are a lot more worth pursuing than that. While it is technically possible for such a storm to occur, there's no certainty of how far reaching it's effects would be and frankly it's not like we could do something to prevent something like that. We'd all be much better off by not trying to borrow fear and worry like that. There's already more than enough to go around. Lets deal with the things we CAN influence and try doing something really remarkable like trusting God to take care of the things that are just plain too big for us, like solar radiation storms.

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