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Bob Sightings Starting Up Again

July 12th, 2012 08:39 am | by Ed |

Y'know it's interesting how some things just never seem to go away. One excellent example of this is the "Bob sightings" and the rumors that go along with them.

Recently I had remarked that the number of these sightings was on the decline and it had actually been a while since I've seen one. No sooner had I made the evident mistake of saying this publicly than another rumor appeared. As is typically the case, it was a poorly crafted thing that made little or no sense to anyone (such as myself) that actually *knows* Bob and the kind of things that he simply would not do. Ever.

Well it seems that now those rumors are on the rise once again. In fact it's getting to the point where I'd actually like to be able to announce that Bob has been found and his current status actually known so that these bloody rumors would finally, eventually, come to an end.

This latest one is another of that "special" category. According to the anonymous source (that's the first red flag, an anonymous source) Bob has spent the last six months or more lounging on a Club Med beach soaking in a Seaweed Bath and talking about (almost preaching it if you believe the anonymous source) the many virtues of committing to life long celibacy.

As soon as I heard the word "celibacy" I knew that it was a BS rumor. Granted, Bob would easily get used to a club med kind of lifestyle but celibacy? Bob? Never. If anything he is the absolute polar opposite of being an advocate for celibacy. His opinion on the matter, expressed in family friendly terms, is "the more the merrier". Anything else simply isn't him.

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