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TFC Modcraft -1- The Adventure Begins

July 12th, 2012 09:23 am | by Ed |

This is the first episode of a new adventure in which I'll be using a number of mods (see below). This is my first venture into using mods so I'm starting out, in many ways a total n00b, fumbling my way around initially and learning as I go.

This initial episode, like most Minecraft series, is of course about getting started in a brand new world.

In setting up these mods I followed Direwolf20's season 3 tutorial and his thread on the Minecraft forum

[Note: I did not use *all* of the mods he did, just most of them.]

Note: For this series I am using the Minecraft 1.1 versions of these mods because at the time I started it they had not been updated to work with Minecraft 1.2.5
The list of mods used:

Zeldo's Additional Pipes (Teleport Pipes) maintained by Dastormbringer
Additional Buildcraft Objects
IC2 Advanced Machines
Modular Force Field System
ChickenBones' NEI
Portal Gun v2
Logistics Pipes
Red Power 2.0 PRE4d
Wireless Redstone
laser mod
Equivalent Exchange

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