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How's This For A Crap Rumor?

July 14th, 2012 21:43 pm | by Ed |

Yet another in the seemingly endless supply of rumors about what Bob is up to since his mysterious disappearance months ago.

This latest example of intellectual sewage would have people believe that Bob has somehow managed to break his thumb in a boating accident at Club Med. The rumormonger passing this crap on claims that as "evidence" a friend of his actually saw Bob wearing thumb spica splints after the alleged incident in question. Just exactly how these claims count as "evidence" I have not the first clue.

To me, actual evidence in a case like this would be a photograph or video. Especially if it can be proven without a doubt that said photo or video has not been edited in any way to add the splints after the fact.

It's true that Club Med is the kind of place that Bob would enjoy spending a lot of time and even more money (if he had any that is) but I'm certain that he would draw the line at boating. He'd rather sit on the beach and watch scantily clad women in the sun.

Oh yeah, another thing is that those splints are made for human hands, not for gerbils. Also, I don't believe gerbils even *have* thumbs.

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